The 2021 Nantou County Environmental Assessment unveiled!
2021 Nantou County Cleanliness Assessment Ranking
2021 Nantou County Cleanliness Assessment Ranking

 Each year, the Nantou Government assesses each township, city office and recommended villages within the county in a bid to improve environmental hygiene and clean up the environment. A total of 3 snap assessments, 1 on-site assessment, and 1 written briefing assessment were carried out. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, on-site assessments and written briefing assessments were canceled. Meanwhile, township and city offices and villages continue to make every effort on environment issues during and after the pandemic.

 After evaluation, the results for this year (2021) have been revealed! For the first group of townships and cities: Zhushan Township Office and Caotun Township have been awarded first place, while Yuchi Township Office won first place for the second group. Zhushan Township Office and Yuchi Township Office are worthy of praise: they have won first place 3 years in a row. For the village and community group, first place was won by Zhongyuan Village of Caotun and Yunlin Village of Zhushan Township, each receiving a prize of NTD110,000.

 To effectively maintain the cleanliness of the environment, the cleaning team of townships, cities and villages of Nantou County spared no effort in cleaning roads, messy spots, empty houses, empty spaces, illegal advertisements, public toilets that were listed for control, and pedestrian islands. They also carried out disinfection, targeting places where flies, rats, and dengue fever tend to breed. At the same time, these dedicated cleaning teams took time and assisted environmental volunteers in cleaning. Thanks to these teams’ and community environmental volunteers’ conveying environmental protection and hygiene concepts, Nantou has become much tidier on the whole.

 Li Yi-Shu, director of the Nantou County Environmental Protection Bureau, expressed his gratitude to all 13 township and city offices and communities, for their efforts in preventively disinfecting their neighborhoods and assisting with daily environmental cleanup during the pandemic, making Nantou into a tourist capital. The Bureau performs an environmental cleanliness assessment on an annual basis, with a budget of nearly NTD1,900,000 for rewards to thank hard-working cleaning teams and community environmental volunteers and encourage everyone to work together to make Nantou cleaner and more beautiful.

Updated:2021-12-29 AM 09:24:22