From the Director-general

Environmental protection movement has developed for a rather long time, and the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people’s mind. Since the demand for better quality of the living environment has as well steadily risen, and the work of environmental protection deals with extensive aspects, we are conscious of our significant responsibility with limited personnel in our bureau. All our staffs should not only cooperate to solve environmental problems actively, but also protect our living environment with keen sense of responsibility. We expect ourselves to provide the (Nantou) County citizens a neat and comfortable living environment. Let’s make efforts to build up a neat and clean Nantou County for the coming generations.


The predecessor was a affairs unit subordinate to the Bureau of Sanitation and Hygiene. In response to the increasing importance of environmental protection work, Nantou County Environmental Protection Bureau was established on July 1, 1991.

Additionally organized

According to the regulations of the “Transitional Operation Procedure of Organizing the Institutions and Organizations subordinate to the County and City Governments ”, it proceeded on March 28, 1997 to increase the staff number of the organization.

Amendatorily organized

"Nantou County Environmental Protection Bureau" was renamed on January 1, 2000 as "Nantou County Government Environmental Protection Bureau". The former organization with four departments and one unit was restructured as one with five departments and three units. A vice-director was set up, too.

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