Epidemic Prevention must be done, The environment must be clean as well. Don’t just discard your masks!
 There has been a domestic COVID-19 outbreak recently, and the Nantou County Government Environmental Protection Bureau has urged the public to carry out personal protection and sanitation, which includes wearing masks, frequently washing your hands, cleaning and disinfecting living environments to greatly reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, and thus protect yourselves and your families!
 The Environmental Protection Bureau stated that the Epidemic Alert Level has been raised Level 3 by the Central Epidemic Command Center according to their regulations to safeguard the public as they should wear masks during outings; therefore, the need for using masks has greatly increased. However, people have also carelessly discarded masks to save time, not only impacting the environment negatively, but also causing more concern by spreading the epidemic. We now remind you all that masks should be properly discarded after being used by removing the strings on each side, then folding the inner protective layer outwards with the colored side facing inwards, and then discard it in the trash. People should then use alcohol for disinfection or wash their hands using soap or hand sanitizers.
 The Environmental Protection Bureau would like to once again remind people that during the epidemic prevention period, people should not carelessly discard masks to create a breach in epidemic prevention and work together to prevent the epidemic while maintaining a clean county environment.
Updated:2021-06-25 PM 01:05:03