Mission and Vision

Environmental Education

To raise the quality of the environment, advance the health and well-being of the public, preserve environmental resources, and pursue sustainable development by promoting environmental protection.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
    To prevent and mitigate the adverse impact of development activity on the environment in order to achieve the goal of environmental protection.
  • Resource Recycling
    To conserve natural resources, reduce waste, promote recycling and reuse of materials, mitigate environmental loading, and build a society in which resources are used in a sustainable manner.
  • Environmental Sanitation Agents Management
    To prevent harm from environmental sanitation agents, preserve human health, and protect the environment.
  • Water Pollution Control
    To control water pollution and ensure the cleanliness of water resources in order to maintain ecological systems, enhance the living environment and advance public health.
  • Air Pollution Control
    To control air pollution, maintain public health and the living environment and improve the quality of life.
  • Noise Control
    To maintain public health and a quiet environment and to enhance the living quality of the public.
  • Soil Contamination Control
    To prevent and remediate soil and groundwater pollution, ensure the sustainable use of soil and groundwater, enhance the living environment, and advance public health.
  • Toxic Chemical Substances Management
    To prevent toxic chemical substances from polluting the environment and endangering human health.
  • Industrial Waste Management
    For the effective clearance and disposal of waste, improvement of environmental sanitation and maintenance of public health.

Protect the natural environment, and keep the ecological balance for the sake of its lasting use by the coming generation.

Make efforts for a healthy, secure, and comfortable environment, and protect the living environment of the county citizens against any harm by public nuisance.

Increase the investment of public environment construction, and promote actively the conservation of natural and cultural resources for the sake of the living quality improvement.

Promote environmental education through mutual cooperation between the county citizens, the industry, and the government.

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